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Does the Bathmate Hydropump Really Work?

This article is targeted for men out there who may be insecure or dissatisfied with the size of their penis. So, obviously you have done some research on how to increase your penis size and you stumbled upon the Bathmate hydro pump. We are here to answer your question on whether this product really works, or if it is just another empty promise waiting for you to empty your pocket on it.

The Bathmate hydro pump is basically a penis pump which is used inside water to enlarge the penis. The pump requires the user to insert his penis into the pump while inside water, which enlarges the veins of the penis making it fatter, nigger and longer. Pressure is applied on the penis, and after a while he pressure is released by the user. The pump has to be used over a period of time to get any permanent improvements on the penis.


There are various models of the hydro pump and the model you get depends on the size of your penis and the results you are aiming at. The models of the bathmate hydro pump are:

  • Hercules
  • Hydromax x20
  • Hydromax x30
  • Hydromax x40
  • Goliath

The bathmate hydropump consists of the following parts:

  • Silicon gaiter seal
  • A hand pump
  • A transparent penis container

Basically all you have to do is:

i. Get your bathmate hydro pump, whichever size or model you prefer.

ii. Sit in the bath tub. You could use a shower but standing is inconvenient and the container might not stay put due to the effect of gravity.

iii. Run your hot water. It has to be at a level where it reaches your chest, for full immersion of the penis

iv. Ensure your ensure your penis is immersed in the hot water, then put your penis in the pump container

v. Give the pump a few squeezes. This is to create a vacuum in the container by sucking all the air out of it.

The vacuum created in the container in addition to the hot water allow for the expansion of the blood vessels in the penis, which allows more blood to flow through it. This leads to the increase in girth of the penis and an expansion. The penis size increase lasts much longer when used consistently and frequently. So, when you are making use of this product ensure you follow the necessary steps and are consistent in using it, your penis will thank you for it.