Month: March 2017

Why are Phallosan Extenders Better?

There is no doubt that the proper use of a hydro pump will produce growth but you should be aware that it is more effective at increasing girth than length. Extenders such as Sizegenetics or the Phallosan Forte will deliver better results in the area of length and are a better choice if that is your priority. However, not all extenders are equal and the older models that rely on a rigid frame are notoriously uncomfortable and bulky.

Since they need to be worn for extended periods on an almost daily basis, comfort is important which is why the Phallosan Forte extender should be your top choice. Its unique design makes it more comfortable than any rigid metal rod extender and has the added benefit of allowing a user to wear it while sleeping. This means that in many cases, a user who puts it on before going to bed will have met his daily usage requirements by the time he gets up in the morning.

Furthermore, because of its non-rigid flexible framework, it can easily be worn under clothing and remain discreet. This gives users who work outside the home, which most guys do, an additional option to log in their usage time. Considering that an extender needs to be worn upwards of 8 hours daily to be effective, the ability to wear Phallosan Forte extenders under clothing and at night are huge advantages that can’t be overemphasized. They are also so comfortable to wear that most users say they sometimes forget they are even wearing it.